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Author Ali A. Abdulla has taught in various universities such as the University of Baghdad in Iraq, where he is an emeritus professor of nuclear physics; University of Basrah; Oklahoma State University, where he did his PhD work; and was a lecturer at the Mustansiriya University. His rich experience in the field of nuclear physics and quantum mechanics has brought him to various work opportunities such as working as a scientific researcher, then as a director of the nuclear research center, Iraqi atomic energy commission. Also, he was appointed chairman of the physics department at the college of science, Baghdad University. He taught nuclear physics course for graduate students about twenty five years.

Also He supervised graduate researches toward M.S and PhD degrees. He also directed certain Arab scientific organizations. Due to his scientific potentionality and experience, he used to have scientific relations with United Nations scientific institutions.

He published alone and, as a coauthor, about fifty papers in different international scientific journals. He published books in physics and general thoughts in fifteen books in the Arabic language. Abdulla currently lives in the United States as a permanent resident.