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Based on the author’s vast experience and rich knowledge on the field of nuclear physics, Nuclear Physics by Ali A. Abdulla is a textbook that tackles the physics of the nucleus of the atom, from the discovery of Rutherford in 1911. The book discusses the following important subjects in nine chapters and an appendix of solved problems as an illustration for the students: Nuclear radius and shapes, properties; The nuclear force, properties, and features; Proposed nuclear models; Nuclear potential, different suggested types; Nuclear constituents, the protons (p) and the neutrons (N); The nucleon as identity to p and N according to the charge and energy state; The angular momentum of the nucleus and its quadruple moment; The nuclear interactions; The rotation properties of the nucleus; The electromagnetic properties of the nucleus; Transitions, properties, and Fermi golden rules; Beta decay and the nonconservation of parity and the CPT conservation, the helicity; Nuclear particles physics; and, Solved problems.

Also, the book is based on a nuclear physics course taught by the author to graduate students he previously handled at the Physics Department, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq, from 1978-2007, along with tedious researches and rigorous trainings.